Megan Markle’s Wedding Makeup Techniques Revealed

meghan markle

“It wasn’t about a trendy makeup. It wasn’t about a lot of eye, or a lot of lip … It was about her, and her being confident.” – Daniel Martin (Markle’s make-up artist)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding has been the talk of the town. Where the prince looked strikingly handsome, Meghan Markle looked absolutely charming and delightful beauty. She stunned the whole world with her elegance and beauty at her royal wedding.

Meghan’s Make-up man

There was much murmur in the tinsel town as to who will do Meghan’s make-up, whether it will be Bobbi Brown or Princess Diana’s make-up artist Mary Greenwell? But, Markle surprised everyone as she chose her two close friends to do her make-up on her special day. She finalized the pro make-up artist Daniel Martin, her friend, to create her look on her wedding day.

Meghan Markle’s “No make-up look”

Some say that Martin used Dior products to bring out Meghan’s natural look, while the others believe that Markle prefers Laura Mercier Illuminating Primer, and hence she would have gone for that.

Rather than wearing a heavy make-up on her big day, Meghan Markle and her Make-up artist Martin chose to go for a “no-makeup” look that made her look even more radiant and ecstatic. Her natural vibes took many hearts away, while she walked the ramp with her Prince Charming.

“We wanted her to look like herself, but of course, since it was her wedding day, a more elevated and polished version!”, Martin revealed.
Martin also said that Markle’s flawless complexion hardly needs a hand and the secret behind her godly look on her royal wedding day was her skin care and not his magical make-up technique.

“Great skin care is a must for a no-makeup makeup look because there’s an authentic glow that happens when the skin is balanced that makeup can’t replicate,” Martin told INSIDER.

Her natural make-up suited her usual style. Her fresh glowing skin and natural freckles were highlighted with the brown smoky eye-shadow on her brown eyes with a hint of pink lip color glowing on her pretty lips. She kept her eye brows in a face-framing style, adding to the beauty.

The hairdo was quite impressive too! The hair was tied in a low bun accessorized with a vintage tiara and veil, to make her look like a Goddess. She was dressed in the biggest veil possible which went well with her classy Givenchy dress.

Stars Heat Up the Season in their Sexiest Swimsuits

stars in bikini

Every year in the summer, celebs raise the hotness quotient of the city. As this is the perfect time for the stars to take out their most hot and sizzling swimsuits from their closet, to flaunt the curves of their body profusely. Let’s see which celebs were able to grab more eyeballs!

Heidi Klum

stars in bikini

She has been in the news for sharing a relationship with a much younger boyfriend Tom Kaulitz. Heidi Klum, who is 45 years of age, was spotted lip-locked with her 28-year boyfriend Tom Kaulitz at many occasions by the media and by the fans. They were found relaxing and sharing cozy moments in a luxury yacht in May this year in Cannes, France where Heidi was dressed in a skimpy pink and blue combination swim wear.

Britney Spears

stars in bikini

Britney spears had to feature in this list! Age is just a number for her as at the age of 36, she remains to be undaunted and unadulterated. She has been a sensation since she debuted, with her fan following still escalating. Her curves and glowing skin catches the attention of many. She was spotted sun-bathing on a beach in a blue thong bikini, increasing the temperature of Miami even more.

Brooke Shields

stars in bikini

The older, the better. She broke all records when this 52-year lady posed smoking hot for the Swimsuits for All campaign. Dressed in green swim wear, she gave tough competition to the other gorgeous and younger beauties present in the campaign like Ashley Graham and Angela Simmons.

Kourtney Kardashian

stars in bikini

The list cannot be complete without her mention, especially when we are talking about sexy outfits. This lady who is a mother of three, was found dressed in light green bikini, looking as hot as ever. She was snapped when she was sharing special moments with her 24-year boy friend Younes Bendjima in the stunning city of Italy.
She had also posted her newspaper-print two-piece bikini mirror selfie when she was vacationing in Capri, Italy.

Kim Kardashian

stars in bikini

This summer goddess was found enjoying cruising in a Dior-printed bikini and celebrating 4th of July. It has undoubtedly become one of the hottest swim looks of the year.

Kendall Jenner

stars in bikini

She seems to be in love with her bikinis as she clicked herself in a reflective window at her home. She flaunted a chartreuse 80s throwback bikini and uploaded her picture which garnered numerous likes in a niche of a second.


3 Easy Summer Hair Styles to Rock this Summer

easy hairstyles

The picture of a model flaunting a stunning summer hairdo on the cover page of a popular fashion magazine makes you drool, isn’t it? While the scorching heat in the summers can be distressing to some people, to some, it can be a new fashion inspiration!

As summer translates into beach sides, camping, and boating, it is also the perfect time to get into your best braids. Let us look into the top three easy summer hairstyles to sport this summer:

1. Fishtail Bun

easy hairstyles

A bun in summer not only makes you look fresh and cool, but also provides you the most sought comfort in summer, leaving your neck totally open and breathy. This is how you can curate this fashionable yet comfortable hairdo:

Gather all your hair into a high ponytail.
Use a thin hair band to hold the hair together.
Segregate the ponytail into two equal portions.
Take one portion and divide it into two.
Now you need to make a fishtail braid out of it
When you are done, tie it with a band.
Repeat the same with the other portion.
One braid has to be wrapped around the ponytail base.
The second braid is to be wrapped around the first braid.

And Voila!

2. Double Bun

easy hairstyles

Try double bun for the most sleek and unique look. Go through the steps below:

Use a hair spray to hold the hair together.
Make a clean and tidy centre parting line.
Divide your hair in two equal partings.
Move all the hair of one part to the middle.
Take it down to your neck.
Make a ponytail.
Make a snake out of the ponytail.
Coil the snaky ponytail into a spiral bun.
Use pin to hold the bun.
Repeat with the other half.

3. French rope back braid

easy hairstyles

This is another stylish hairstyle to flaunt in your girl’s gang. The best thing is, this style works with any hair texture – waves or curls or straight! The process is:

Make your hair into two sections.
Create a rope braid.
Take each part of hair in a clockwise direction and then wrap them in counter clockwise direction.
Keep adding more hair from the hairline as you go down.
When you reach the back of your head, repeat the same with the next half.
Pin the braid.
Pull the rope braids to give them a loose look.
Don’t worry if it looks slightly messy, it will add to the glamor.

Summer Make-Up Essentials and Tips

summer makeup essentials

With the scorching sun and an intense hot temperature, all you need is comfortable attire, relaxing accessories, and summer make up essentials to keep you cool and breathing. We are here to help you with must have summer make up products to keep your skin glowing and you looking fresh and stunning even in the hot and humid days.

1. Sunscreen

A suitable sunscreen lotion should be your first beauty purchase this summer. Before buying a sunscreen, do check its SPF. The best way to use sunscreen is to apply it on your skin minimum 30 minutes before going out in the sun. If at all you need to apply some makeup, give the sunscreen sometime to sit on your skin and get absorbed completely before you can put on the make-up.

2. Blotting tissues

Summer makes the skin oily and messy. You periodically need to keep removing the sweat and excess oil. The Blotting tissues are a must have in your summer cosmetics list. It will keep the skin dry and breezy. Always keep a pack of Blotting tissues in your bag when you travel outdoor.

3. Lip balm

Give a break to your lips by staying away from lipsticks this summer. Lip balm looks equally appealing when applied in a proper manner. It will also help your lips get rid of irritation and dryness due to heat and sun exposure. Lip balm is a big relief to the painful and scaly lips. It is much needed because lips are much more sensitive than the skin elsewhere.

4. Mild scent

Summer is the time to use mild fragrance. Pick up a flowery aroma this summer rather than going with your usual brand. A heavy and strong fragrance in summer is a strict no-no. A mild flowery fragrance will create a cleaner and fresher appeal.

5. Anti-smudge eye liner and kohl

Summer means sweat. Some people experience most of the sweat under their eyes. This leads to smudging of the eye makeup. If eye liner and kohl are an important part of your fashion routine, don’t worry. You need not remove them from your list, all you need is to replace them with anti-smudge cosmetics.

You can also try turquoise and emerald eye liner this summer, rather than sticking to the repetitive black or grey.

6. Anti-Tanning creams

The sweltering sun rays can almost roast the skin. One of the most essential things to have this summer is an anti-tan cream. Buy the one that needs to be applied before going in the sun or go for tan-removing creams that you can use once you have already got your skin tanned.