Walt Disney World Marathon and Half-Marathon 2011 results (and some fun on the side)

Posted by Dave Landis on January 8th, 2011 in Marathon | 2 Comments

Adriano Bastos, six time winner of the Walt Disney World Marathon

The Walt Disney World Marathon 2011 results in  an added boost to the Florida park’s attendance just after the peak holiday season.   With students back in school after the New Year Disney came up with a way to give business a bit of a boost, have a Marathon and Half-Marathon weekend.

The Half Marathon will commence on Saturday, January 8 at 5:35 am EST

The Full Marathon starts on Sunday, January 9 at 5:35 am EST.  The Walt Disney World Marathon is recognized as a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon.   About 17,000 people are expected to participate.

The starting venue for both races is the Epcot Center.

This event actually has races stretched out over four days, culminating with the Sunday Marathon.

The winning time for last year’s marathon in the men’s division was Adriano Bastos whose winning time was also 2:22:08.  That was Bastos sixth consecutive Walt Disney World Marathon win! Will Bastos go for seven in a row?

Lisa Mizutani won the 2010 woman’s division with a time of 2:51:20.

2010 Women's winner Liza Mizutani of Japan.

Click here for 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon results.    Please be patient since it may some time before all the results are tallied.

As an added incentive to get marathon runners to stay an extra day and spend some money,  the day after the marathon is “Marathon Monday”.  Free admission to the park is given to registered runners.


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