Scheels Fargo Marathon Results 2009

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2009 Scheels Fargo Marathon Race Results

There are a dozen or so marathons coming up this weekend. None are particularly big in size, but most will be big for the folk who have trained for this day to pour out their hearts on the course and leave themselves there showing those around them what they are made of …or not made of as the case may be.

I remember running a half marathon in Japan. I was doing my best, or so I thought I was, when a pretty young Japanese girl started to past me. Can’t have that. So, I dug down and tried harder. Funny how that happens. Funnier yet, she dug down, too. Can’t lose to the gaijin. Foreigner versus pretty. Guess who won..

Two BIG marathons have already been run this year – the Boston and London Marathons. Some 50,000+ folk covered 26.2 miles.

Two big marathons are coming up – City of Los Angeles Marathon (L.A. Marathon) and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. That’s pretty much everybody in Southern California. Not really.

Too often we think we are giving our best until someone that is meaningful to us challenges us and we find that deep down inside there is more yet. How is that? And isn’t that what Christian friends are for? To challenge us to do better even when we are giving our best? Yes, I think so. Who challenges you in your Christian walk, um, run?

If you didn’t run straight home from the  2009 Scheels Fargo Marathon you can likely see the results here.

Keep in mind, it takes a while for the results to update. Until they do, you can compare your time to last year’s results.

2009 Scheels Fargo Marathon– Race Results

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