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Watch Live Streaming of T20 World cup 20091st Semifinal match between Pakistan vs South Africa  at Lords  , on  Sunday, June 18  Start time 1730 local (1630 GMT)

South Africa have  not lost a single game int his t20 world cup so far . They demolished Scotland, squeaked through by 1 run against New Zealand, knocked over England, held off the West Indies, and hammered the final nail in India’s coffin.

Pakistan are the past. They are wholly dysfunctional, but just about getting along, though unsure where they are going. They don’t control their extras, they don’t run the singles hard and they field .

The only way for Pakistan to get past South Africa ,would be to put in a brilliant bowling performance. They have not had the smoothest ride into the semi-finals, with losses against England and Sri Lanka,

Free options to enjoy watching Cricket online.

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  • Live Stream # 4 – Click here to view


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