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Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab will clash in the 41st match of the IPL 2010 at the Punjab cricket Association stadium in Mohali on Friday, 9th April 2010 . Watch Live streaming and live IPL scores , Match start time 8 pm local (10.30 GMT).

The toppers will play the bottom placed team in the IPL 2010. Mumbai have won 4 out of the last 5 matches played whereas Punjab have lost 4 out of five.

Mumbai Indians needs to win just one more win from their five remaining matches to progress to the semi-finals of the IPL 2010.

Mumbai Indians, the toppers in the IPL 2010 are in tremendous form and it is to be seen the bottom team Punjab will be able to stop the juggernaut of Mumbai

In the last 5 matches these 2 teams have played each other Punjab has won thrice and Mumbai 2 times.

Ball by ball scores and commentary

Options for Live Streaming 1

Options for Live Streaming 2

Sachin Tendulkar is in Town and in breathtaking form in this editon of the IPL 2010, their is mad scramble to avail the tickets of this match.

Check Bollywood stars at IPL 2010 – Photo Gallery

YOUTUBE will beam the matches live on internet at http://www.youtube.com/ipl.


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