Skimpy Dimpy : Dimpy Mahajan in Bikini, leaked Photos

Posted by Parasshuram on August 12th, 2010 in Television | 2 Comments

Rahul Mahajan’s wife Dimpy is again in the news, this time for her leaked bikini pictures. The pictures above shows her enjoying a poolside party clad in a skimpy bikini. It’s no surprise that she is seen getting close and personal with a bunch of guys.

The Hindustan times reports “Just like hubby Rahul Mahajan, it seems Dimpy Mahajan too just can’t get enough of controversies.”

“The reality TV star grabbed headlines before when scantily clad pictures from her modelling days surfaced on the net”

“The wannabe model who married Rahul Mahajan on TV in reality show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega was a wild child before her wedding. Usually seen daintily clad in sarees and attending pujas intemple with Rahul, the leaked pics show a hitherto unseen side of Dimpy.” writes “Skimpy Dimpy went public with her bruises and bumps which she claimed had been inflicted on her by an enraged Rahul who couldn’t access the locked keypad of her mobile phone. 21- year- old Dimpy from Kolkata managed to escape ( with her phone, of course) in the dead of the night. And what was the first thing she did?”

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“She called a tabloid reporter and posed for pictures. She didn’t call the cops and she didn’t file charges. Instead, she invested her time wisely by appearing on countless television channels talking about Rahul’s brutality and wowing publicly that she was done with him and their farcical marriage (solemnized on tv as the finale of a reality show). That was the cue for wife number 1. to join the fray and revisit her own tabloid past in which she too had gone to town flashing her wounds ( no guesses – same man, same tactic). Next to pop up on the small screen was a former girlfriend who spoke languidly about being battered by this brute. All three women took the tabloid route to air their tales of woe. Just as the media campaign was gathering force to go after the villainous man and pack him off to jail (again!), Skimpy Dimpy did an about turn and went back into his arms after damning the ex and hurling accusations at her about phone stalking her wonderful husband.”


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  1. Runa Ahmed says

    October 1, 2010

    Hi,Dimpy m Runa 4m Assam (Guwahati) n m great frnd of urs, plz Dimpy make me ur best frnd.

  2. pradeep says

    August 13, 2010

    dimpy mahajan u r very cute and sexy and i want to marry u. can u call me this no 09449149284

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