Zoraya Judd Wins World Pole Dance Championship, photo gallery

Posted by Ranjita on December 13th, 2010 in Pageants | 1 Comment

Zoraya Judd has won the International Pole Dance Championship in Tokyo. Watch the photo gallery

“The bikini-clad dancer said: “I just want to make people happy.  “But I like the Olympic idea. I think it is good that now we pole dancers aren’t just seen as strippers.”

The sun reports “US beauty Zoraya Judd tore strips off the other competitors to clinch the top title at the International Pole Championship.   Dancer Zoraya, from Utah, was named Pole Athlete Of The Year 2010 in Tokyo. “

“The raunchy dancers — many former strippers — took to their poles to tease the panel of American Pole Fitness Association judges with a breathtaking range of stunts. “

“Efforts are now under way to enter pole dancing into the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  Pole dancers had tried to get on the schedule for London in 2012, but were too late to make a serious bid. “

“Ana Marie Garbo, the 2008 world champion, said she is satisfied with being an entertainer first, athlete second. “


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