Lindsay Lohan fingernail Tattoo drop the f-bomb, photos, video

Posted by Parasshuram on July 8th, 2010 in Hollywood | 2 Comments

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan fingernails showed anything but contrition.  They had the f-word on them. She has been sentenced to 90 days in  jail and rehab time for her recent parole violatio

“She is to surrender and begin her jail sentence July 20. Rehab will follow,” reports Fox13Now.

Will there be additional contempt of court charges for her profanity?

“Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation. The 24-year-old actress missed several court-ordered alcohol education classes stemming from two separate 2007 cases of driving under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. Photo Gallery and video

Time News Feed said, “But two legal experts relayed to FoxNews that the fingernail message might fall in the realm of contempt of court. New York City Public Defender Stacy Schneider and Los Angeles Public Defender Greg Apt both saw a strong potential for the curse on her nail to add some days to Lohan’s sentence.”

David committed grievous offenses, worse than Lohan’s.   He committed adultery with Bathsheba, then murdered her husband Uriah to cover up her pregnancy.    When he faced judgment from Nathan the prophet, he didn’t drop any f-bombs, he didn’t make excuses.   He repented.



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