Top five wardrobe malfunctions of Bollywood actresses

Posted by Samron Jude on March 12th, 2011 in Bollywood | 1 Comment

Bollywood actresses have always been in the lime light by some way or other due to their popularity. Wardrobe malfunctions of actresses, often gives the actresses all the attention of the media as well as the public. Here are the top five wardrobe malfunctions of Bollywood actresses.

1. Yana Gupta – Yana, also known as Bollywood’s item girl, had recently shocked everyone when she appeared sans her panties at a children’s charity event. The actress had also later confessed saying that it wasn’t a big deal.

2. Sonam Kapoor – Sonam Kapoor, known for her fashionable cloths, had landed up in an embarrassing situation, during the promotion of her movie ‘Aisha’. The actress was wearing a loose trouser, which was slipping down every time. Later Sonam with the help of her friend had to pin it up.

3. Kangana Ranaut – Kangana, who walked on the ramp for a designer had revealed bit too much on the ramp. The neck line of the dress was clearly showing off her assests.

4. Shilpa shetty – Shilpa during her wedding reception had a hard time managing her one shoulder dress. The strap kept slipping several times and made it difficult for the actress to manage it.

5. Urvashi Sharma – The actress during one of her shooting schedules in Kerala had faced an embarrassing situation when the button of her blouse ripped off. However, the actress due to her presence of mind, realized it and immediately ran in to her vanity van.


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