Bala Amrutha wedding/reception photos, video – Slide show

Posted by Parasshuram on August 28th, 2010 in Bollywood | 3 Comments

South Indian, Malayalam actor Bala married Amrita Suresh at the famous Thiruvanmiyur Siva Temple in Chennai on August 27.

The couple were engaged a year ago. A grand reception will be held in Kochi on Sept 5 for the friends and colleagues. writes “Bala who hails from a cinema family in Chennai started in Tamil films like Kathal Kisu Kisu, Manjal Veyil etc but tasted success in Malayalam films as an action hero and villain.”

“He shot to fame in Malayalam playing Mammootty’s younger brother in Big-B and went on to do nearly 20 films like Sagar alias Jacky, Puthiyamugham etc.”

But he has been in the gossip columns of Malayalam publications since his love affair with Amrita Suresh started two years back.

Bala had come as celebrity guest for the reality show on a Malayalam channel in which Amrita participated. His love for Amrita has brought him close to Malayalam cinema.


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  1. saleem says

    September 17, 2010

    bala u r fool… yenthu selectiona ith… very bad


  2. fathima says

    September 17, 2010

    ayye… balaku cheratha pennu… enthayalum avalku koladichu… aval valachu veezhthi avane …. yentha cheyya avalude pattil avan veenu… bala u r mistaken…

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