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Amazon Goes Junglee in India!

Thursday Feb 2, 2012 saw the launch of is coming to India, branded as, a somewhat milder version of its global shopping portal.
Presently is offering 12 million pro…


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Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar offers peace between India and Pakistan

hina rabbani khar
Pakistani politician Hina Rabbani Khar has created history in her country by becoming the youngest and the first female Minister of Foreign Affairs. Khar is holding her post since 20…


Posted by Samron Jude on July 28th, 2011 in Asia, India | 1 Comment

AirAsia announces low fare cost package ‘A Big Thank You Sale’

Malaysian low cost airline AirAsia Berhad is now offering another low fare package for the promotion of the airline. The airline is now offering the customers low fares to the various domestic as well…


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Top 4 Tycoon games played by Asians

Personal computer Tycoon games are programs one can never get bored of. Tycoon games are all about building and management, which also helps in creating strategies. Here are the top five tycoon games…


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Top 5 places to visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island just below the south of India in the Indian Ocean. Sri lanka is one place that surely has beauty of its own kind and you need to go to a few places in the country to experi…


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Top 10 places to visit in Asia

JAPAN-The snow festival
The Sapporo Snow Festival, which lasts for seven days in February is one of Japan’s largest winter events in Odori Park. The Snow Festival is considered to be a festival…


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Typhoon Megi Hits South East China – Lakhs of homes evacuated

Typhoon Megi has hit the southeastern coast of China, today afternoon that forced evacuation of the people of the region. The typhoon reportedly made landfall at Zhangzhou, Fujian at around 12:55pm an…


Posted by Samron Jude on October 24th, 2010 in Asia | 3 Comments

Anna Chapman, a russian spy arrested in USA, Anna’s facebook Profile

Anna Chapman has become headline of news after news came that she was active as a spy in United States for Russian. Anna Chapman has facebook and in here profile she was active widely, in her profile …


Posted by Gulzar Ashu on June 29th, 2010 in Asia, World News | 5 Comments

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