Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Seen With A Black Bruised Eye, Sparks Rumors

Posted by Samron Jude on October 28th, 2010 in Russia | 1 Comment

The Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, was seen having a black bruised eye, and this has sparked a wave of rumors in Russia and Ukraine. It was noted that the Prime Minister was wearing very heavy make-up to cover the dark patch around his eye. This incident was noticed, during his recent visit to his neighboring county, Ukraine.

According to speculators, they feel, that the black belt PM, might have received a blow on his eye during a judo fight. His accomplices state that, this is because he has been working too much lately and also there wasnt sufficient light when he was spotted. On the other hand the Kremlin is very upset with the journalists behavior, in context to the black patch on the PM’s eye.

A correspondent from Kremlin said, “Ukrainian, Russian and Western journalists… talked only of one thing – how did the Russian prime minister get a bruise under his eye?” On the other hand, it was also noted that the PM was in a bad mood during his meeting in Ukraine, as if someone had really punched him on his eye. Reports have also stated that the Kiev news conference was cut short and the dinner too was cancelled.


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